An Amazing selection of
Tote Bags, Purses & Accessories!

More than 20 different styles, with almost 900 gorgeous fabrics to choose from.

Fabrics range from stunning to subtle, whimsical to sophisticated, classic to modern.

Affordable - Purses and tote bags range from $15 to $45; accessories from $4 to $10.

Lightweight - Comfortable and easy to carry.

Useful - Pockets, adjustable straps, key-clips, and more.

Easy Care - most bags are flat, for easy packing or storing. Almost everything is washable.


Christmas is 4 weeks away. My stock is good, and I go to the post office almost every day. If you need Christmas gifts, please CALL ME with your order. If your order is being mailed, please allow a few days for transit. Orders can also be picked up at my house (in Livonia) or the Ann Arbor Market, if you live in either of those areas.


I plan to be at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market on Saturday Nov 28 from 8 to 3, and the Sunday Market on November 29 from 11 to 3:30.
I try to do these markets every week, but a bad weather report can keep me home at the last minute. You can find out if I went to market on any given day by calling my home phone number in the morning ON MARKET DAY before making a special trip: (734)525-3549.
December market dates are on my schedule page, and will be posted here week by week.


New fabrics are being added to the web site often. A "new" fabric remains on that page for almost a year.
Please see the category "Top predictions for 2015." This page shows you about 60 fabrics that are especially good sellers. "Darens Favorites" (category 25) is another interesting list - these are unusual and well-designed personal favorites of mine.

"I've been designing and making bags for over 40 years. I have an eye for color and a passion for beautiful and unique fabrics. My styles are simple and functional.
I probably look at more than 10,000 fabric swatches a year, searching for well-designed fabrics that will work for me. It's like a treasure hunt.
Daren Otis

Daren's 2014 From the Heart Giveaway Last year I celebrated volunteers by giving away bags to deserving individuals. I'm still asking you to help me find these hidden heroes. Do you know a person who gives lots of their time to a cause? Please nominate them and I will continue the project!

THE WINNERS in 2014...
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March 2014 Winners
April 2014 Winners
May 2014 Winners

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