An Amazing selection of
Tote Bags, Purses & Accessories!

More than 20 different styles, with over 400 gorgeous fabrics to choose from.

Fabrics range from stunning to subtle, whimsical to sophisticated, classic to modern.

Affordable - Purses and tote bags range from $15 to $45; accessories from $4 to $10.

Lightweight - Comfortable and easy to carry.

Useful - Pockets, adjustable straps, key-clips, and more.

Easy Care - most bags are flat, for easy packing or storing. Almost everything is washable.

It's not too late to buy Christmas gifts! You can contact me by email or by phone.
There is plenty of stock on the shelves, and I can mail orders on Thursday, Friday, or next Monday. Or you may come to my house to pick up orders and shop. Please call to schedule.
Think of accessories for office party gifts, sale totes for $17-20 for everyone, or small purses for hostess gifts, etc.
Gift idea! Laurel Burch silk scarves make beautiful unique gifts. Prices are $23 and $25 (plus tax). Shipping is free, and I can mail directly to the recipient. I wrap the scarf in a foil Christmas wrapping, and include a card (with a message dictated by you).
I plan to be at the Ann Arbor Market on the next two weekends, weather permitting - both Saturday (8-3) and Sunday (11-3:30). To be sure I am going to the market on a specific date, call that day before making the trip. (734-525-3549).

"I've been designing and making bags for over 30 years. I have an eye for color and a passion for beautiful and unique fabrics. My styles are simple and functional.

Customer service is a must. I’m always glad to offer my help to make sure you get exactly what you need.”

Daren Otis

Daren's 2014 From the Heart Giveaway This year I'm celebrating volunteers by giving away bags to deserving individuals. I'm asking you to help me find these hidden heroes. Do you know a person who gives lots of their time to a cause? Please nominate them!

Click on the links below to read their stories

March Winners
April Winners
May Winners

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